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Hattrick Football Manager | Zontiti al mont dal balon gratis 

Hattrick Football Manager | Zontiti al mont dal balon gratis

Gjestìs - al tô ritmi

Hattrick al è un zûc strategjic di balon dulà che tu costruisis e gjestisis la tô scuadre pal futûr. Jentre ogni dî o une volte a setemane - se tu fasis lis sieltis justis to âs la stesse pussibilitât di deventâ un campion!


Met adun e alene la tô scuadre

Fas incressi la scuadre cul alenament. Controle lis tôs financis. Cjate gnûfs zuiadôrs tal marcjât o vierç une academie zovanîl par cjatâ e tirâ su i talents de prossime gjenerazion.


Cir di sedi plui svelt dai tiei aversari

Tu competis cuintri altris gjestôrs tal sisteme dai campionâts di Hattrick e te cope uficiâl. Partiss des seriis plui bassis - scjale fin ae cime! Tu puedis ancje creâ torneus privâts par zuiâ cui tiei amîs.


Comunitât e aplicazions

La comunitât e jê une part une vore impuartante di Hattrick. Jentre tai forum e cjate gnûfs amîs ator pal mont. O vin bielis aplicazions par iPhone e Android, come ancje aplicazions di tierçs di podê scjamâ.

24 Agns
54 Lenghis
144 Paîs
13 812 766 Utents totâi
358 164 145 Messaçs dai forum
791 915 765 Partidis zuiâdis

Il Classic Zûc Gjestionâl di Balon Online

Hattrick al è un zûc gjestionâl di balon online dulà che tu cjapis il rûl di manager cun la mission di puartâ la tô scuadre al massim nivel de tô leghe! Tu âs in cjarie ducj i aspiets gjestionai di une scuadre: Comprâ e vendi zuiadôrs tal marcjât dai trasferiments, decidi cuale abilitât alenâ, preparâ une tatiche par ogni partide che la tô scuadre e zuiarà te leghe nazionâl e te cope, come USA e US Open Cup.

Cuant che la to partide e tache, la partide e vignarà simulade dal nestri sisteme e tu puedaras stâ daûr lis azions tal nestri visualizadôr di coments dal vîf e intant chatâ cul gjestôr aversari! Se tu preferisis tu puedis cjalâ e analizâ la partide dopo.

Hattrick al è prime di dut un zûc strategjic gjestionâl dulà che tu âs di planificâ a tiermin lunc. Âstu di investî inte scuadre zovanîl o spindi beçs par comprâ un zuiadôr stagjonât ma di mistîr che al pues miorâ lis prestazions in timp curt? Âstu di promovi difensôrs o atacants de tô scuadre zovanîl?

Sielç ben, i tiei zovins a podaressin sedi lis stelis de scuadre par tantis stagjons, tu podaressis cjatâ ancje il prossim Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo o Kylian Mbappé dal mont di Hattrick!

A big part of the excitement is that it is a multiplayer experience - the teams you face are managed by other humans, who will try to outsmart you. There is a rich community that you can dive into to learn all about the best ways to train, set up your team tactics and improve your club financially.

Your star players can even be picked for international duty, playing for the USA national team! Every season, Hattrick organises a World Cup, either for senior teams or the U21 squads. The current champions of the Hattrick World Cup are Slovensko, lets hear it for them!

If you become a great manager yourself, you can stand in the elections to run the national team and be elected into the office by your fellow online managers. At the moment, there are 146 national leagues in Hattrick, and you can be a candidate for any of them, even if your own team is in another league.

In Hattrick, there is always something to do, whether it is to hang out in the forums to talk about Hattrick or general football news, or to try to find bargains on the transfer market during silly season.

But it is important to know that Hattrick is also a game that you can always play at your own pace. If you spend 30 minutes a week to set your match orders and update the training plans of your team, you will be able to compete and perform well in the main competitions - as long as you make smart decisions.

Unlike many other games, you don’t need to log in every day to collect bonuses or gain in-game currency. There is no way to buy in-game advantages in Hattrick. You can instead become a Hattrick Supporter, which gives you a lot of features designed to make the game more fun and interesting, but which includes no actual in-game advantages.

Hattrick al è il zûc original di balon gjestionâl in linie e no sin stâs in linie dal 1997. I fondadôrs e son ancjemò atîfs e si impegnin ancjemò a ufrî Hattrick come zûc di balon gratuit.

We feel that Hattrick brings together the best from the traditional computer-based soccer manager game, such as the Football Manager series, but in a more exciting way as you always play against real people.

It also includes aspects of fantasy football games and from console football games such as FIFA Ultimate Team, where you collect and build football squads either to play against other users or to collect trophies and achievements.

We bid you all very welcome to Hattrick - the best free soccer strategy game out there! It is totally free to sign up, no downloads are required and you also have access to amazing free apps for iOS or Android through which you can manage all aspects of the game, making Hattrick also a mobile football game.

Ma atenzion, Hattrick pues creâ dipendence - tancj dai nestris utents a àn zuiât par 10 o plui agns e a son ancjemò daûr lâ fuart.

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